Ronan Raftery: A Stellar Portfolio of TV, Film, and Theater Credits

You've seen him on the big screen, the small screen, even on stage—Ronan Raftery is a man who's been everywhere in showbiz. But hey, he's not just your average Dublin face. Let's take a peek into Ronan's acting world.

Ronan Raftery: A Stellar Portfolio of TV, Film, and Theater Credits

Ronan Raftery, the Irish boy, is, is making waves in movies and TV shows. Yes, he's the guy you've seen in tons of stuff, and he's not just another pretty face from Dublin. Let's dive into the adventurous world of his acting.

Ronan Raftery: A Star in Movies, TV, and Plays

The Terror:

So, Ronan starred in this show called The Terror. This isn't your typical chill-and-watch type of series, it's more of a "grab your popcorn and hide behind the sofa" type. Ronan rocked it as Lt. John Irving.

the terror- Ronan Raftery

The Rook:

Then there's The Rook. It is based on a story of spy, secret, and mystery, played by Robert Gestalt.

Crossing Lines:

Ronan also did this show called Crossing Lines. It's like a game of cat and mouse, but with more drama and fewer cats. He played Colin McConnell, the show that makes us all question our moral compass.

Other TV Shenanigans

Apart from these, Ronan has popped up on a few other shows. Like Fresh Meat, where he was Dylan Shells, and Gangs of London, where he probably wasn't good. Oh, and don't forget the Royal Rendezvous, where he was... well, royal, I guess?

Ronan Raftery

Ronan's Big Screen Adventures

Fantastic Beasts: Where Ronan Gets Fantastically Beastly

Remember the fantastic animals and where to find them? Yes, Ronan was in it too. He played Langdon Shaw, and let's just say, he gave those magical creatures a run for their money.

The Siege of Jadotville: War, Drama, and Ronan

Then there is the siege of Jadotville. It's got war, it's got drama, and it's got Ronan as John Gorman, the hero we never knew we needed in Jake.

Mortal Engines: Where Ronan Gets Engine-ous

And who can forget the mortal engine? It also had Ronan, in the role of Beavis Pod. It's like a post-apocalyptic rollercoaster ride, and Ronan was the guy holding on to his seat for dear life.

Ronan Raftery images

Ronan's Stage Escapades

From theater to Broadway, Ronan has done it all. She has starred in dramas such as Juno and the Peacock and The Real Thing. Yes, he's not just a TV and movie guy; He's also got some serious stage presence.

Ronan Raftery: The TV Guy

1. Ronan on Doctors (2010)

So, in 2010, Ronan appeared on Doctors as Carl Leadbetter. You didn't know doctors have drama too, right? Well, Ronan made it even more interesting.

2. Fresh Meat (2012)

Then, in 2012, he popped up in Fresh Meat as Dylan Shells. No, it's not about the fresh meat market; it's a college show. But hey, Ronan did a great job with it.

3. Moone Boy (2012–15)

Ever heard of Moon Boy? Well, Ronan was in it too, playing a guy named Dessie. It's like a funny Irish sitcom, and Ronan fits right in.

4. Crossing Lines (2013–14)

In Crossing Lines, Ronan played Colin McConnell. It's like a crime show, but Ronan probably makes it less scary with his charm.

5. The Terror (2018)

Then came The Terror in 2018, in which Ronan was Lt. John Irving. Don't worry; It's not as scary as it sounds. Ronan was probably horrified and amused.

6. The Rook (2019)

The Rook, Ronan was Robert Gestalt. It's like a spy show, but with more twists and turns. Ronan probably twisted it further with his Irish charm.

7. Gangs of London (2022)

So, in 2022, Ronan appeared as Darragh in Gangs of London. It's obviously a good movie about gangs.

8. Royal Rendezvous (2023)

Then there's Royal Rendezvous in 2023, in which Ronan plays Rory. It's like a fancy TV movie, and Ronan was probably the fancy guy there.

9. Obituary (2023)

Finally, in Obituary also in 2023, Ronan was Emerson Stafford. It's about, well, obituaries. But with Ronan at the helm, perhaps it became more vibrant.

Ronan Raftery pics

Ronan Raftery: The Movie Star

1. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
Ever seen Captain America: The First Avenger? Ronan was also there as the army heckler. Yeah, he probably heckled Cap a bit.
2. Death of a Superhero (2011)
Death of a Superhero stars Ronan as Jeff. It's about, you guessed it, a superhero. But Ronan probably stole the show.
3. Deleting Emily (2011)
Then there's Deleting Emily, a short film where Ronan is Steve. No, it's not about deleting emails; it's a completely different story.
4. The Elevator Pitch (2014)
Ronan did this short film called The Elevator Pitch, where he played Jack Klein and himself. Yes, Ronan talked to himself in an elevator. Of course, the role was interesting.
5. The Siege of Jadotville (2016)
In The Siege of Jadotville, Ronan was John Gorman. It's about a war, but with Ronan in it, maybe it was a less serious role.
6. Binary (2016)
Then there's Binary, where Ronan plays Frankie. It's probably about computers or something, but Ronan plays it great.
7. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)
Ah, the magical world of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Ronan was also there, as was Langdon Shaw. He has a bet to cast a spell on all of us.
8. Mortal Engines (2018)
In Mortal Engines, Ronan was Beavis Pod. It's a post-apocalyptic thing, but with Ronan, maybe it was a less depressing role. This is entirely my own opinion.
9. Algorithm (2020)
Finally, in Algorithm, Ronan plays Al. No, it's not about math; This is a short film. But Ronan's, perhaps, was the more entertaining role.

Ronan Raftery picture

Ronan Raftery: The Theater Star

1. Juno and the Peacock (2011–12)
Ronan was Jack Boyle's son in Juno and the Paycock. It's a classic play, and Ronan probably brings some Irish flair to it.
2. Unscorched (2013)
Then there's Unscorched, where Ronan played Tom. It's probably a play about fire or something.
3. The Silver Tassie (2014)
Harry Heagan played Ronan in The Silver Tassie. This is another classic drama, and Ronan has managed to win the hearts of the audience with his brilliant performance in this drama.
4. The Real Thing (2014)
Ronan starred in The Real Thing as Billy. It's a romantic drama, and Ronan's performance in it probably felt more real.
5. Ravens (2019)
Finally, in Ravens, Ronan played Boris Spassky. It's about chess, but with Ronan playing, it's mainly a funnier drama.

Ronan Raftery: The actor who can do it all, be it on TV, in film, or on stage. With his acting skills and talent, he is definitely a star that people will want to spend money watching.