The Incredible Tale of Janet Marylyn Frager, the Mother of Tom Hanks

On January 18, 1932, Janet was born in Alameda, California. She was raised in a typical household where her parents instilled in her the values of perseverance, fortitude, and kindness. They had no idea that their daughter would become the mother of one of the biggest movie stars in history.

The Incredible Tale of Janet Marylyn Frager, the Mother of Tom Hanks

This is it, friends. Let's dive into the wonderful world of Tom Hanks and find out some valuable facts about the super cool lady behind his success—his mother, Janet Marilyn Frager.

The Amazing Story of Tom Hanks' Mom, Janet Marylyn Frager

Janet was born on January 18, 1932, in Alameda, California. He grew up in a normal home (family) where his parents taught him to work hard, be strong, and be kind. Little did they know that their daughter would one day become the mother of one of the biggest film stars.

When Janet got married to Amos Mefford Hanks, they started their own little family. They had three kids: Sandra, Larry, and the famous Tom Hanks. Can you believe it?

Now, being a mother is not easy, but Janet was really good at it. She helped her children to be creative and curious. And guess what? He played a big role in making Tom the amazing actor he is today.

When Tom moved to Hollywood, his mother, Janet, was there to cheer him on. Hollywood life can be tough, you know, but with Janet's support, Tom can handle all the ups and downs.

Tom Hanks' Mom, Janet Marylyn Frager

Tom always says that his mother is like his compass. He gave advice and kept her going when things got tough in life. Even when Tom became a big star, Janet remained down-to-earth. He does not care much for fancy things; he just wanted his family to be happy.

Unlike Tom, Janet wasn't a big fan of being famous. He like keeping things straightforward and intimate. Even though her son is a Hollywood legend, she stays away from all the glitz and glam.

Story of Janet Marylyn Frager

Janet has some extremely important things to impart to us. He shows us how important it is to have faith in and support for the individuals in our lives. In a world that sometimes cares too much about being the best, Janet reminds us that family and real connections are what really matter.

Now that Janet is enjoying her later years, her love and support still shine bright in the Hanks family. Tom always talks about how grateful he is to have a mom like Janet. She's not just a regular mom; she's a superhero mom.

Tom Hanks family

So let's honor the remarkable Janet Marylyn Frager as we honor Tom Hanks' extraordinary career. Although her name may not be well-known, she is the key to Tom's success. She is akin to the unsung hero who ensured her kid developed into the amazing individual we all adore.

And that, my friend, is the heartwarming tale of Tom Hanks' mom—the real superstar in his life.